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Tropical Paradise

July 20th

Complete Hotel Takeover!

All 616 events are strictly 21 and up

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New Members Please Register HERE before placing your reservation for our upcoming event!

All members please arrive between 3 and 9 pm to check into the event on Saturday.

No late entries will be allowed.

Pool party from 3 to 6 pm.

Pool & Hot Tub will be open until 2 am.

DJ from 8 pm to 1 am in the pool atrium.

VIP space will be open from 10 pm until 2 am.

Ticket reservations will close at 7 pm on Thursday, July 18th for this event.

Name and address of the location will be disclosed via email after tickets or a Room & Event package has been purchased, a few days before the event.

There is a $15 processing fee for all reservations.

Room & Event packages are non-refundable.

Room & Event packages may be transferred ONCE ONLY to the next 616 event you are able to attend.

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Room + Event Package Cancellations

Cancellations must be made by emailing us at club616hosts@gmail.com before 9 pm two days before the event in order to transfer your reservation.

West Michigan Social Club

New Members Please Begin Your Membership Registration Here BEFORE Placing Your Reservation For The Upcoming Event.

New members must complete their membership registration by Wednesday, July 17th to be able to make a reservation for tickets to Tropical Paradise.

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"I was very nervous going into my first 616 event for NYE and not knowing anyone, but I couldn’t have been more welcomed by everyone.
I am a single woman and it can be scary going into things like this not knowing what to expect but I felt very safe and comfortable.
I made amazing connections with people that have turned into beautiful friendships.
Because of 616 I’m able to experience freedom with others in a safe and non judgmental setting!"
- Member since December 2023

"We have now been to a couple different events around the area. 616 events are our favorite.
The people are the friendliest; which is what you are looking for right? The venue is great."
- Members since December 2023

"Halloween was awesome. Our first event, so we were nervous. Tons of security made us feel at ease. Wonderful event.
Nye was spectacular! Lots of security helped so much again!
The hosts are incredibly helpful in all aspects, we're not sure how they do it all!
Highly recommend 10 out of 10.
Especially impressed with the hostess, she's constantly helping people with so much stuff it's unreal, including ourselves.
Zero regrets. Think they should charge more personally."
- Members since October 2023

"We joined just this past year on a recommendation from a friend and we're having an absolute blast being part of the 616 fam.
The events are incredible and everyone we've met so far has been so nice and accepting.
We also appreciate the strict consent rules and professionalism displayed at events.
Being a part of 616 has had such a positive impact on our relationship and we are so glad to be here!"
- Members since July 2023

"This group will change your life in the best ways possible if you let it! I came into this amazing group twelve weeks ago.
My first night I still felt very broken from the end of a fifteen-year relationship.
My best memory from that night was a friend offering to kiss me and then respecting when I said I wasn’t ready,
and one of the best hugs of my life!
Now a short 90 days later, I feel like I’m on top of the world,
I have made new friends, lasting connections, and tried so many fun new things."
- Member since July 2023

"Joining 616 has been one of the best choices my husband and I have made. We have been welcomed in the kindest of ways.
Haven’t met a soul who wasn’t nice and easy to talk to. Both events we have made it to have been well planned and thought out,
which made it an absolute blast!!"
- Members since July 2023

"As a new member to 616, and a newer member to the LS, I cannot express enough how impressed I was with how well organized the Woodstock party was.
I've been to one other hotel takeover with a different 'club' and won't be going back!
I love how inclusive 616 is to all gender types as well!"
- Member since July 2023

"As a recent arrival in West Michigan, I found an event on fetlife and attended a local meet & greet.
I had a fun experience and felt comfortable enough to try attending a 616 event.
On top of being an amazing and well-organized party, the people I met were all welcoming and having fun.
As a queer woman it can be difficult to find a crowd that is cool about who I am and makes me feel safe.
At 616 I felt safe, seen, and included as much as I wanted to and no more.
I had a blast. I'll be back!"
- Member since July 2023

"Our first event ever, Woodstock, we were so nervous we almost turned around to go home!
Ended up being some of the most enjoyable times of our lives."
- Members since July 2023

"616 events are super well put together and fun, everyone has been so kind and welcoming, and the emphasis on consent is incredible.
This is such a lovely, inclusive group of people.
I have pretty bad anxiety and my first two experiences have been so amazing that all I feel now when thinking about going to another event is excitement!"
- Member since April 2023

"I was so nervous to attend my first event, but everyone was kind and welcoming.
The event was organized and well run. Can’t wait to attend more!"
- Member since April 2023

"I love 616! Very professionally organized, lots of fun, and there’s so many open-minded people!"
- Member since April 2023

"I like 616 because everyone is so warm, welcoming, and accepting! You never feel out of place at 616."
- Member since March 2023

"I was honestly hesitant about attending a 616 event because my initial entry into the world of kink was within the queer community
and I didn’t know how inclusive the group would be or how safe my partner and I would feel as a queer couple.
I was thrilled to see all different genders and orientations not just represented, but inclusion and safety be heavily prioritized.
I have met so many interesting people and I love how welcoming everyone has been to a couple of weirdo queermos new to the LS."
- Members since February 2023

"Joining 616 has been the best decision I have made in a very long time!
I found a community of people who love and accept me AND to have a great sexy time with.
The friendships that I have gained are amazing and I look forward to every event."
- Member since October 2022

"It was September in the year 2022. My wife and I came across 616. We booked the Gods and Goddesses event.
We had no clue what to expect. We came prepared to lock ourselves in our room and watch TV.
Well, that didn't happen, instead we were given a tour and explained the rules and consent policy.
We had fun, walked the halls, and used a swing. We talked with people who, unbeknownst to us, would become new friends
who would be very important in our lives. We are growing and learning about ourselves individually and as a couple.
Things have changed, we’ve tried new things, and we’ve discovered new interests.
Along the way you realize that 616 isn't all about sex.
You will find amazing and honest people who will be part of your tribe/family."
- Members since October 2022

"In this group I have found a safe place to explore and grow in all aspects of who I am relationally,
whether it is sexually, as friends, or my relationship with myself and the greater world.
This safe place exists because I am in community with people that are incredibly diverse
but share in the common drive to break free from traditional structures.
This of course in addition to the fact that 616 is just an awesome place to have fun, laugh, and be sexy as fuck."
- Member since May 2022

"My girlfriend and I were looking for a fun, safe, low pressure atmosphere to explore our curiosity on lifestyle events.
We feel like we found it with 616. Extremely well organized.
The like minded people and atmosphere fit right in for what we were looking for.
The staff is awesome. The rooms are nice and clean.
We appreciate the pressure free consent rules that offer us a safe low pressure mind set,
which makes for a very comfortable atmosphere. We've attended two events now and have meet some amazing people.
Made many new friends. We LOVE the themes and dressing up. So much fun!
We are looking forward to attending many more and meeting more like minded awesome people!"
- Members since February 2021

"I have never felt more welcome by a group of people in my entire life.
The 616 hosts exude class and strive to make the community the best it can be
by continuously holding sexy, unique, amazing events!
The acceptance you receive from everyone here is special.
This isn’t just a community, it’s more than that to so many.
I can’t imagine life without some of the 616 friendships I’ve built."
- Member since January 2018

"We’ve been in the LS long enough to travel to dozens and dozens of events throughout the US.
We’re a 5 hour drive from 616 and we’d rather make that drive for a 616 event than go to
either (similar) event that is just 30 minutes away from us at home.
We like big events and 616 events feel big enough for us.
However, while they are big events, we have not been to an event
that is as personal feeling as 616 events are either.
We’re actually a bit shy so big events that are well-executed make us feel less pressured
than smaller events where the fewer amount of couples seem to know where everyone is at all times.
The hosts at 616 go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome and accepted.
616 events are professionally run with lots of little touches no other event does
which really show how much care goes into these events.
Save for the giant parties on the coasts there isn’t a playroom around as big or well-equipped as 616 provides either.
616 is by far and away our favorite LS event and every time we try a different event near us it just reminds us that
we can’t wait to make that 5 hour drive again."
- Members since October 2017

"616 was the first club we attended when we decided to join the lifestyle.
We were extremely impressed by the level of professionalism and class displayed at each and every 616 event we have attended.
The hosts and members pride themselves on creating a safe, fun, and sexy environment.
616 is BDSM, Kink, and LGBTQ+ friendly which makes for a great environment that welcomes all.
Try 616, you will not be disappointed!"
- Members since April 2017

"Simply AMAZING!! After a not so welcoming experience seven years ago, we decided 616 was not for us.
BUTTTT about a year ago we ran into the 616 hosts at a karaoke night and the 616 hostess was beyond welcoming and so easy to talk to,
so we decided to give 616 another shot and had the best time ever!!
616 has become our #1 place to attend when we can!"
- Members since December 2016

"616 was my wife and I's first real introduction to the lifestyle beyond SLS and
it opened our eyes to a whole new world of people and huge new set of friends.
We felt welcome and accepted right off the bat and have made some life long friends along the way.
If you are new to the lifestyle or even just looking for a new club to try out, I can't recommend 616 enough."
- Members since February 2013

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